1. Shopfronts in Selma

  2. Selma, AL

  3. Alabama

  4. Montgomery, AL

  5. Which Line Connects to Batman

  6. View from Basilica di Santa Maria in Aracoeli in Rome.

  7. Burnt Sienna

  8. Fly Away

  9. Behind the Red Curtain

  10. Eat the Rainbow

  11. Somewhere in Colorado

  12. Spring in the Public Garden, Boston

  13. blankcheque:

    Pike Place @ Night

  14. Christmas Around the World

  15. blankcheque:

    Quincy Market Christmas

    Maybe theft is the sincerest form of flattery.  I just submitted about 20 DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedown requests for the photo above.  All kinds of sites, but mostly from Tumblr.  Not cool to take other people’s work and pass it off as your own.  Especially when it is actually easier to reblog than go thru the hassle of making a new post here on Tumblr.