1. Spring Is Coming: Swan Boats Back in Boston

  2. Which Line Connects to Batman

  3. Quincy Market

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  4. Spring in the Public Garden, Boston

  5. ourpresidents:

    President Ford Presented Conductor Arthur Fielder with the Presidential Medal of Freedom on January 10, 1977.

    Fiedler became conductor of the Boston Pops Orchestra in 1930, a position he would hold for half a century. He strove to bring classical music to a wider audience, making numerous recordings with the Boston Pops and instituting a series of concerts on the Esplanade on the Charles River.

    Several people wrote to the White House recommending that Fiedler be awarded the Medal of Freedom. Among this group were Massachusetts Representative Margaret Heckler and Senator Edward Kennedy, who called Fiedler an “American Ambassador of Music” for his world-wide performances.

    His Medal of Freedom citation recognized these many accomplishments:
    “Violinist, conductor and musical innovator, Maestro Fiedler has bridged the gap between popular and classical music and given millions around the world a greater appreciation of America’s rich cultural heritage. His spirit and zest for living have made an immeasurable contribution to the quality of American life.”
    -from the Ford Library

  6. New Year’s Eve from Boston

  7. Happy New Year from Boston!

  8. Looks like Mother Nature was a day late on that White Christmas.

  9. Christmas Around the World

  10. Singapore’s version of Rosie Ruiz

    Singapore marathon ‘winner’ ran only 6 km

    A pastry chef who stunned Singapore marathon organisers by being the first local runner across the finish line admitted he cheated — and has been doing so for years, a report said Thursday. Father-of-one Tam Chua Puh, 43, caused consternation when he finished Sunday’s race several minutes ahead of Singapore’s finest distance athletes in a time of 2hr 46min. However, Tam admitted he had run only six kilometres (3.7 miles) of the 42km race before giving up due to knee pain and taking a short cut straight to the finish line. Bespectacled Tam, wearing a baseball cap, baggy shorts and a knee brace, was initially declared the winner before organisers, after a hasty check, disqualified him for missing all the check points.

  11. Public Garden, Boston

  12. Stroll in the Garden

  13. Congrats Boston Red Sox!

  14. Which pitcher are we getting tonight for the Cardinals vs. Red Sox?

  15. Turn! Turn! Turn!