1. Spring Is Coming: Swan Boats Back in Boston

  4. How I will always feel about phone calls on the weekend before noon.

  5. St. Peter’s Square

  6. femininefreak:

    Boston Strong Women

    (via washingtonpost)

  7. Bar Harbor, Maine

  8. Evening over the Eternal City

  9. roosto:

    Do you use Chrome as your browser? Chrome for some reason does not by default check if certificates have been revoked. So you need to do this.

    In “Settings → Advanced” turn on “Check for server certificate revocation”.

    This is especially important now, because of “Heartbleed”, a very bad bug recently discovered that affects encryption.

    (Source: cl.ly)

  10. Hall of Marble Busts in the Vatican.

  12. juliavickerman:

    Watch Community on NBC tonight see “GI Jeff” directed by @robschrab! I did character designs. Here’s a looksee. #community #gijeff

  13. Shopfronts in Selma

  14. Dunes

  15. Selma, AL